Interpreting complex data.
Identifying emerging trends.

Our expertise uncovers value, locates patterns, eliminates bias, improves patient outcomes and mitigates risk. We develop actionable strategies that are fiscally sound and support growth.


Integrating clinical and business healthcare expertise

Expertise you can trust

Strategic Assessments

Based upon our years of experience with insurers, providers and employers, we provide recommendations to develop, support, and implement business models in current and future healthcare environments.

Savings Targets with Methods/Approaches

We offer patient evaluation, patient level clinical analysis, population health insights, emerging trends, risk scores based on patient analysis and statistical adjustments, detailed savings models with specific approaches.

Opportunities and Insights

Whether client-specific, population-specific or disease-specific, we provide integrated solutions to fit short-term and long-term objectives.

Critical Analysis and Implications

We prepare client-specific financial model/ROI for healthcare solutions — hard and soft savings models, projections and detailed business plans to complete the target opportunities.